Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Sorting out your house v blogging

Thank you to Kerry at The Seventy Tree for commenting on my last blog post and inspiring me to get on the case again! I will post a picture of our new kitchen diner but the only pics I have taken are rubbish so I will wait for a sunny day and take better ones.

Well our kitchen diner is finished (apart from things like painting the skirting boards) and having such a lovely room that we are so pleased with has really made me look at the rest of the house and want to sort it ALL out! But there is a lot to do and it can be quite overwhelming just thinking about it so I have decided to make short achievable lists of things to do. I have been doing a lot of SORTING recently as we don't have much storage so there are piles of stuff in rooms which does do my head in, I like everything to be in its place and it isn't at all! Next project will def be our bedroom, we have no wardrobe, just dodgy rails from Ikea that are about ready to collapse. But there is a little patch of damp we need to get sorted before we can paint - why is there always something?!

On a more productive, exciting note, we have ordered a dining table from Indigo Furniture! We decided to spend on the table and go for cheaper chairs (prob from Ikea!) that are deliberately different from the table, we could afford the table but the lovely chairs blew our budget out of the water! Anyway here it is in all it's chunky plank glory!

Sorry for the essay post, it has actually felt quite therapeutic writing all this down, maybe if I keep blogging, our house project will feel more manageable!

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