Thursday, 1 September 2011

Biscuit tins, apples and more...

Recently I have been... wrapping apples in newspaper and packing them into wooden trays. We have 3 apple trays and they are overflowing with apples! In the last 24 hours, approx. 30 fell off the trees, this is a normal day and these are the apples we have to throw away! We plan to make cider and I am going to try cooking them tonight even though they are eating apples. Does anyone have any good apple recipes?

I also recently bought some brilliant biscuit tins from Marks & Spencer - one in the shape of a large jammy dodger and the other in the shape of a large bourbon. I bought a custard cream one last year and am v pleased they have brought out more! I thought it was possibly just me who was weirdly excited by this but when I posted photos on Instagram, I got a very excited response from fellow Instagramers! Who'da thought?

Some more recent Instagram pics below (one showing a small brass mouse I bought for a bargain price on eBay recently!)

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